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Personal investing is a way to increase your financial security. Not only do investments provide you with sort of a "back-up" plan, if you experience a sudden job change or an unplanned illness, they are also becoming a necessity for retirement. We do not know if our country will continue to support its retirees through social security; nothing is guaranteed. Personal investing will provide you peace of mind for your future.

There are three basic types of investments:

  • Lending Investments Lending investments include bonds and Deposit accounts. They allow you to be in control and are typically a lower risk than ownership investments.
  • Ownership Investments Ownership investments include stocks, real estate, businesses, and valuables. This type of investment is the most common type. Most of the time, they are very volatile but at the same time they are the most profitable class.
  • Cash Equivalents Cash equivalents are investments that are easily converted into cash. The most common type of cash equivalents are money market funds. The profit is small, as well as the risk.

Hunter Capital Wealth Advisors knows investing. Let's start today! We have the knowledge to guide you in the right direction, and you can trust our experience to help you achieve your financial goals. contact us today!

Financial and Retirement Planning

Financial and retirement planning are both necessary in sustaining a stable lifestyle now and in the future. Because of the uncertainty of social security in the next few decades, having a financial and retirement plan will prepare you and your family for the future.

A financial plan often consists of a budget that organizes your finances. It will allocate future income to different types of expenses such as a car payment or utilities. The main goal of the plan is to assist you in making the most efficient decisions when it comes to handling your finances. These plans often focus on specific areas such as:

  • Estates
  • Retirement
  • Risk Management

Having a solid financial plan will pave the way for a stable retirement plan. After retiring, planning your finances can become a little more challenging because of unforeseen events and expenses. Let us help you get started. If you have any questions about why a financial plan is right for you, please contact us!

Estate Planning Services

In recent years, living trust have grown increasingly popular as substitutes for will in estate planning. They are sometimes called revocable trusts or inter-vivos trusts. Living trusts can have several advantages over wills, including avoiding probate, avoiding guardianship, maintaining liquidity, and keeping privacy.

While the word estate might sound like something only the wealthy have, the truth is almost everyone has an estate. An estate is simply composed of everything you own, such as:

  • Home(s)
  • Car(s) and other vehicles
  • Valuables
  • Money
  • Furniture

    • Avoiding probate

    • Preserving Privacy

    • Professionally managing your trust investments

    • Avoiding guardianship when incapacitated

    • Avoiding will contests and family disputes

    • Designating trustees and their successors 

    • List of trust assets

    • Record of income and expense

    • Bank Accounts

    • Stock and Bonds

    • Life Insurance

    • Divorce and remarriage

    • Death of beneficiary or trustee

    • Acquiring or disposing of assets

    • Changes in status or circumstances of your beneficiaries

    • Increase (or decease) in your net worth

    • Will

    • Living Will

    • Durable power of attorney

    • Health care power of attorney

Hunter Capital Wealth Advisors is ready to help with any Estate Planning Services you might need. contact us 

Retirement Accounts

The key to a successful retirement is planning, and the best way to do that is by setting up retirement accounts. Retirement can be a frightening thing for people who don't have a proper account.

One of the most common accounts is the 401 (k) program offered by your employer. This is often considered as the easiest way to start saving money for your retirement. Some other popular accounts are:

  • Solo 401 (k) Through this account, a sole proprietor can make an individual 401 (k). They then act as both the employee and the employer.
  • Simple IRA This plan is for small business owners with less than 100 employees. It allows the employer to create IRAs faster.
  • IRA With an IRA, anyone can add up to $5,500/year to the account. Once your money is added, it will grow tax-free.

Each separate type of account has its own properties, advantages, and disadvantages. Hunter Capital Wealth Advisors is well versed in retirement accounts and can help you sort through the confusing details. The best way to learn which one is right for you is to schedule an appointment or contact us for more information.

Private Banking Services

Private banking is usually reserved for those who have larger incomes or estates because it can sometimes be difficult for one person to manage the many investments and assets. This is a more personalized form of banking, and some common services include:

Brokerage and Advisory Accounts

Hunter Capital Wealth Advisors offers outstanding excellence in brokerage and advisory accounts.

Brokerage accounts allow you, the investor, to deposit funds and make investment orders through us. We will then perform all of the transactions for you. No stress, no time away from your busy schedule!

As with different types of accounts, there are variations in brokerage accounts. Choosing the right type of brokerage account is essential in satisfying your financial needs. We will sit down, analyze your needs and goals, and create a plan. A good, trusting relationship with your financial advisor is key.

Advisory accounts are precisely what the name suggests; they are created to assist an investor with their investments. We will work closely with you to create and implement purchases and investment strategies. This sort of account is perfect for people who would like to take control of their investments, but they aren't comfortable doing it alone.

Contact us for more information on brokerage and advisory accounts.

Risk Management

With any type of investment there is risk. No one is 100% safe from risks, but the best way to protect your investments is to devise a risk management plan. The typical risk management plan will most importantly try to avoid the risk. If this fails, the next steps are to:

  • Control the risk
  • Accept the risk
  • Transfer the risk

These steps will minimize any negative impacts the risk may have on your investment. By working with Hunter Capital Wealth Advisors, you are working with a company well-educated and experienced in risk management. We know what works, and what doesn't, and will make real, honest recommendations for your personalized risk management plan.

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